Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Inferior Sex: Maleness As Evolutionary Suicide

Women are often portrayed as more emotional than men.  If a woman shows any emotion during a debate, it's because women as a whole are "too angry" or "too sensitive" for the sport of argument.  If a woman disagrees with someone she does not like or goes against the grain, she must be "on the rag."

When we enter the pure, cold, emotionless world of actual numbers, the truth becomes far different than the common perception that males are more in control of their emotions than females.  Statistics show that 80% of violence is perpetrated by males.  That's 80% of all rapes, assaults, and murders.  

Numbers don't lie.  

Handwritten letter from Dennis Rader, otherwise known as
Bind Torture Kill (BTK).  Notice the pretty drawings.
The Macabre Minds of Male Murderers

It's rather difficult to rape, assault, or murder and have zero emotions going on, regardless of whether the offender is in touch with his emotions or not.  Would Ed Gein have kept nine vulvae in a shoe box, Bernice Worden's head in a burlap sack, and a pair of lips on a window shade drawstring if he had no emotions relative to his mother?  Would Dennis Rader, the BTK strangler, have taunted police for years with cryptic hints if he was not emotionally excited by being chased and prideful about escaping capture?

I'd call Gein and Rader a couple of ultra-emotional guys.  

An Emotional Killer is a Stupid Killer

Contrarily, if I wanted to commit murder, the last thing I would do would be to give into my emotional urges to keep mementos like Gein or to send love notes to the police, like Rader. 

Why?  Because I actually can control my emotions, so:

A. I don't kill people in the first place
B. If I do kill someone, the last thing I'll do is leave CLUES

The Emotional Sex

Men talk a good game, but they are by far the more emotional sex.  They express their inability to control their emotions by raping, killing, raiding, and by engaging in the macro-version of raiding behavior, war.  

There was a time when people thought chimpanzees were peaceful, gentle creatures.  Chimpanzee society was thought of as a bacchanalian idyll.  That was until deep study revealed almost all types of chimp groups were plagued by a recurring pattern.  In this pattern, hierarchies with an alpha at the top banded together and raided their fellow chimps for resources, often killing them brutally.  The chimps at the top of the hierarchy were invariably male.  

As it turns out, male chimpanzees cause 80% of all chimpanzee violence, a statistic that is uncannily similar to a certain other, more upright ape, no?  The only counterexample in all of Chimpanzeeland was found within a breed of chimps called the bonobos, which was remarkably peaceful and mostly absent of ritualistic raid/kill/destroy campaigns from males.  Bonobos are a female dominated society with groups of matriarchal (female) alphas and cooperative culture.  Quelle surprise.

A Perpetual Curse

Women may go on the rag once a month, but those who commit  80% of the world's violent crimes would seem to be suffering drastic mood swings far more often than once a month.  I guess they call it MENstruation for a reason?  Jokes aside, the world of the male mind is fraught with dizzying, terrifying flights of fanciful emotion.  Imagine being plagued by thoughts like these: 

"Will I be able to get laid if I'm too short and fat?"

"He's got a bigger penis/more money/a prettier female than I do, now I HATE HIM!"

"God wants me to have four children!"

"I'm going to beat the shit out of her if she gets smart with me again."

"That waitress owes me sex because she was nice to me."

"I'm proud of my country and I hate anyone who doesn't share my particular skin color/religion/privilege.  I'm going to join the armed forces to fight for OUR FREEDOM!"

"I think this time I'm going to literally die from this head cold."

"How dare he suggest I have an alcohol problem?  I can quit anytime I want."

"That Facebook group won't let me in because they say I'm a troll?  I'LL SUE!"

"Global warming is fake.  It's actually getting cooler."

Speaking of global warming, casual observation reveals we are in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction, an era commonly dubbed as the Holocene. 

The Holocene Extinction is the accumulated result of male raiding behaviors over millennia. 

Back in the Fertile Crescent days, the male of our species was responsible for the invention of animal agriculture, which involved the trapping and breeding of wild animals until they were domesticated and could be exploited for food, entertainment, and clothing.  The human female was also on the list of exploits, because in order for proto-capitalist kings to amass large empires, it was essential to dominate females of all species for their reproductive power.  Even the word "dominate" possesses the etymology of the Latin word dominari, which means lord or master. 

Not mother or mistress.  Lord.

Control a female's reproductive system, whether it is for baby boys or eggs and milk, and you the control the world.

Nevertheless, this was all old news east of the Tigris/Euphrates Eden, as it had already happened quite a few years earlier in China.

A Formula For Extinction

The pattern of males is to worship and adore an alpha male king, who does his kingly duty by amassing power.

Females are considered a lower species (e.g. Adam's rib) because of the aforementioned detail of their reproductive power, which requires domination by males in order for the patriarchal construct to function.  Females are told to reproduce as many proletarians as their uteruses can spew, because alpha males need a large workforce with which to exploit their empire's natural bounty in the most efficient way possible.

The kingly duty of the alpha male is to exhaust the resources in his local area in the drive for more power, than to find another society to raid, strip it of its natural resources, and repeat the cycle by passing on the behaviors via his harem to his son/sons.  The human alpha male reaps copious evolutionary rewards for completing the cycle over and over again, gaining empire, fabulous homes, trophy wives and girlfriends, and the ubiquitous $10,000 umbrella stand.  You knew I had to put it in here somewhere.


A problem occurs when the human male, whom evolution has placed at the pinnacle of the raid/exploit/amass/raid pyramid, runs out of planet to exploit.  This planet is done for, so alpha males look to Mars with stars in their eyes, conveniently forgetting that no successful biodome project has ever been completed right here on Earth, which actually has breathable air if an explorer's luck runs out.

With two degrees or more Celsius baked into our Holocene, we are looking at an extinction that resembles the Permian (that's the one 251 million years ago that wiped out 95% of all life on Earth) on steroids.

An evolutionary "winner" who quickly causes the extinction of not only himself but nearly all other species on Earth is what I think we can safely call an evolutionary mistake.

Maleness, especially human maleness, is a defect. 

A sex that orchestrates its own demise and is furthermore incapable of doing anything but accelerating its own descendants' demise is just plain inferior to a sex that would conserve its own species at the very least.  

A sex that drives its own species to a situation where insane, tumor-studded cannibal pirates battle each other to the death over a single, unopened can of botulism-compromized, hundred year old pineapple is not an evolutionary success.

A sex that is quickly engineering a world for itself that looks like the hot version of Cormac McCarthy's The Road is not an evolutionary win.

A sex that refuses to do anything about the impeding horrific suffering of its own children and grandchildren despite ample warnings is an outright evolutionary failure.  

This Is On Females Too

It's not human (or chimpanzee) females trying to seed petty dictatorships and banana republics across the globe, however, the women who acquiesce to male power patterns by jumping into bed with the first bad boys who'll take them and who gleefully bear his parasites are also culpable in our mass evolutionary suicide.  

And Now For An Absence of Sunshine Up Your Ass

Unlike everything else you'll read on the internet, this is the paragraph you are not going to get a "but there's still hope" from me.  I'm not going to blow smoke up anyone's ass.  There is no hope for our race.  We are going extinct, most likely in about 500 years if we are lucky.  What we can do is say no to the usual unchecked demonic male behavior by recognizing, curbing, and dare I say occasionally punishing the lesser sex for its sins.  

The Vegan Darkness

I am vegan and I have dark thoughts.  

I know vegans are supposed to epitomize compassion for all beings.  I'm honest though.  I don't.  I'm very compassionate toward every species, except one, and yes, you can guess which one it is.

Homo sapiens.  The wise, standing ape who pillaged and raped until the Earth herself was nothing more than a lifeless, smoking, overheated, garbage-strewn husk.  I don't love the human race and I cannot pretend to.  Humans are now so overpopulated that we have practically guaranteed the near-term extinction of nearly all species on Earth, including our own.  I don't call that a wise race, no matter how we label ourselves, because to me, wisdom implies foresight.  In no other race of beings will you find individuals of such staggering malice and greed.  No other species goes against its own natural instincts in order to exploit fellow animals in the multi-billions.  I am one of a growing number of people who sees the truth for what it is.

The Sixth Extinction: You Are Here

The Earth has gone through five major extinctions.  The most recent one wiped out the dinosaurs.  250 million years ago, the Earth went through the  biggest extinction of all time, the Permian Extinction.  Over a span of anywhere from 1000 to 100,000 years, the Permian Extinction extinguished 93 percent of all life on Earth.  The cause?  A surge in global warming and the anoxification of the oceans.  Sound familiar?

You would think such information would be enough to get the average person to transition to a more sensible lifestyle: one that included learning to live with less, forcing local authorities to invest in public transportation, figuring out how to grow our own food and all that.  Ha ha, fat chance.  Good luck trying to convince most of the zombies out there to buy a smaller TV, let alone getting them to boycott Walmart.  There are reasons we are going extinct.  We are a stupid species, plain and simple, and to be genuinely intelligent is to be extremely lonely.

The brightest minds of our era are still stuck with the idea we should eat animals.  Just because we can doesn't mean we should, but that never occurs to those who obtusely assert their temporary dominion over non-human animal's lives.  One of the problems we vegans face is that necrovorism, that is the habit of eating cadavers or the mammary and vaginal secretions of other animals, is addictive.  Eating flesh, dairy, and eggs is profoundly physically addictive.  Like other intoxicants, meat, dairy, and eggs imbue the addict with a feeling of euphoria and satiety while slowly destroying the addict's health piece by piece.  Like alcohol, animal products are full of empty calories that are delivered with a hefty dose of pure addictive poison.  As vegans, we face the uphill battle of trying to get otherwise-intelligent people to shed a lifetime of conditioning as well as physical dependence on heroin lite.  We will never have a fully vegan world just as we will never have an alcohol or cigarette free world, however, we can at least make it our goal to enable the general public to recognize it is essentially addicted to animal product drugs.

If we are in the Sixth Great Extinction, why would it matter anyway?  Why do I bother?

We're doomed.  I have two emotions reserved for people who bear biological children in this day and age, and they are pity and contempt.  It's not my descendants who will cannibalize each other as they scramble across the hellish junk deserts of the future.   It's not going to be my great-great-great-great-grandchild roasting on a marauder's spit.  The outcome isn't looking bright for humans, who, contrary to popular belief, will not colonize Mars or spread like a cancer to all the corners of the Milky Way and beyond.

Does this make me despair?  Of course it does. 

Does it make me want to kill myself?  Hell no. 

I will fight to the bitter fucking end to save animals on every front, even if it is as small an action as picking up a green caterpillar from the endless sea of pavement where I live and putting her in a patch of barely-surviving meadow and getting poison ivy in the process.  Being vegan is one of the only good reasons to live as a human parasite.  Vegans are the only conscious parasites who actively try to stop killing our host.  We are the only ones who believe non-human animals are more important than us, which is the only truly long-term sustainable attitude when it comes to preserving Gaia.

I do feel violent.  Whenever a school shooter marches into an American classroom and blows away half a dozen eight year olds and a few teachers, I always wonder why that asshole didn't march into Monsanto's headquarters at 800 North Lindbergh Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri and go to work.  The difference between me and that shooter is I have these things called brain cells and self-preservation that stop me from being crushed under the weight of my own jihad.  But unlike the dimwitted thought police and Namaste maroons who believe repressing their urges will transform them into upright, morally transcendent demigods, I'm honest.  I would like the one percent knob with his trophy wife and ten-thousand dollar umbrella stand to meet with an unfortunate accident as he walks into me and my swinging axe.  I would like to punish the guy who threw acid in the face of a young Pakistani woman by forcing him to meet Allah by my hand, in the most dreadfully painful way possible.  I like to dream up nasty consequences for nasty people and I also enjoy musing that if I ran the world, I could indeed solve violence with violence.  Doesn't mean I'll get there or do those things even if I am appointed Ruler of the World.  There's a difference between saying it and acting upon it, even though that difference may be lost among politically correct who have lost their ability to discriminate.  

If you are vegan, I think there is a chance you might be all love and light, never wishing harm on anyone and giving every human the benefit of the doubt.  Congratulations, you ambassador of goodness and enlightenment.  The radiance of your golden soul will touch many.

Or maybe you are like me.  If so, welcome to the Darkness.