Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rapists Gonna Rape: An Open Letter To Those Writing Open Letters to Brock & Dan Turner

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This is not another open letter to Brock Turner or his father! This is an open letter to all of those who would write open letters to rapists and the parents of rapists.  This is a letter to all of those people who are outraged about a white rapist skipping merrily through a less than six-month sentence in jail, not prison.  This is a letter to everyone except rapists who, much like King Louis XVI of France, could not be reached at this time.

Rapists gonna rape.

Rapists rape because that’s what rapists do.  Rapists are an exceedingly common breed of demonic human male.  As the inferior sex, many males are wired for rapey violence.  They have possibly genetic-level damage that makes them unable to limit themselves to consensual sexual behavior.  

There are rapists of every color, creed, and financial level.  No matter what economic circumstance they are born to, rapists believe they are entitled to other people’s bodies from a young age.  The bodies in question can be those of women, girls, boys, non-human animals, whatever.  Of course it does not help that nurture abets their flawed nature, and patriarchy assists them in their pursuit of stealing what they believe is already theirs.

So enough of your cute entreaties that try to paint a picture of Brock Turner’s victim’s humanity for his rapey dad, okay?  Neither Brock Turner nor his dad give a shit, no matter what you say.  No rapist ever thought of his victim as human and he never will.  Haven’t you seen A Clockwork Orange?  

Brock Turner can and will rape again.  

So will 99% of rapists put in prison.  If you keep them in prison long enough, perhaps their preferences will turn to other males out of necessity.  This is not better. 

Most of the time, rapists do not spend a lifetime in prison for rape on the rare occasions they are caught.  They will get out; they will rape again.  You just won’t recognize their victims or have outrage about it because caught rapists will either:

A. Hide their future rapes more effectively
B. Do it to somebody you don’t care about as much, like an incarcerated transwoman, a woman of color, or a prostitute 

There is but one punishment that will stop rapists from raping, and neither does it involve castration nor does it enlist a butch incarcerated gentleman to introduce the rapist to the charming realm of forced anal and oral penetration.

The one thing that stops a rapist is a bullet in the back of his skull where neck meets head.  

Sweet, permanent DEATH

Upon the revelation of concrete evidence, such as, oh I dunno, two men on bicycles riding past a dumpster where some dead-eyed white suburban manchild is raping a woman he just met that night and could not successfully seduce, the rapist should be arrested and quietly taken to a quiet place and executed.

No trial, no family or highly-paid attorney making up excuses about how Brocky boy just wanted a little nonconsensual “action”.  

Just death, and he never rapes again.  

It’s not kind to the rapist, for sure, but it is exceedingly beneficial to the individuals the rapist will never get a chance to rape.  Execution not only ensures the rapist will never use any instrument, including his penis, to rape another human being, it guarantees the rapist will never inculcate his own progeny or pals with the type of selfishness and greed that culminates in the sexual violation of someone else.

Speedy execution also sends a crystal clear message that rape as a manifestation of male pattern violence will not be incarcerated, tolerated, gently reasoned with, or molly-coddled until it surely happens again.

It won’t happen again, at least not by that rapist in particular, because he will be dead.

Our society, as much as we like to grandstand, is not progressive.  We are backwards, ineffectual, liberal wafflers who look the other way when priests rape children and when TV stars known best for hawking frozen pudding desserts trick aspiring stars into eating roofies and then victim-blame them for being trusting souls.  We enslave our fellow human beings for cheap clothing and dumb stuff like chocolate and coffee.  We abuse and enslave animals and use up their habitats by reproducing our own narcissistic flesh mirrors.  We are disgusting and as a species, as contemptible as we are shallow.  We love injustice and worship the rich and powerful among us.  We don’t punish wrongdoers, instead, we joke about rape in prisons (where the incarcerated are mostly poor people of color who turned to selling drugs because they couldn’t make a living under the current oppressive oligarchy) because that’s easier than dealing with our own weaknesses in punishing those who actually deserve it. That’s just us.

The Audacity of Change

We could change our wimpy ways though, and with an exponentially-expanding population of over 7.4 billion of us at time of current writing, I don’t think anyone would miss a few Brock Turners.

If life on a planet of 7.4 billion is cheap, then the life of a rapist should be BARGAIN BASEMENT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS CLEARANCE SALE cheap.

I'm always full of ideas!

If the state won’t punish the Brock Turners of the world (or do anything else, such as provide affordable housing, education, clean water, health care, etc.) we have no choice but to take it into our own hands.  It’s up to us to punish the Brock Turners of the world, and that means:

-Not giving them jobs
-Not dating or marrying them
-Not letting them have a nice time and a normal life if they move into our neighborhood

In other words, we need to make life NOT OKAY for Bill Cosby, even though he’s not in jail yet and may never be. When Bill Cosby or Brock’s dad shows up at a party, they should have to worry about a small amount of powdered poison, perhaps the dried leaf of one of many common house plants, in their food.  They shouldn’t be able to own a car they’re not apprehensive about parking in a public place, because they just know some vengeful asshole from the community at large is going to dump a bottle of nail polish remover on their engine hood, flatten their tires, or spray paint RAPIST or PROUD DAD OF A RAPIST on their driver’s side door.  Again.  Their ridiculous wives, girlfriends, and mothers should be shamed and excluded both online and in real life for standing by like idle automatons.  

Hackers, crackers, and all of you writing nasty little bits of code to destroy random computers.  Isn't it time you found targets who actually deserve it?  Brock Turner's father looks like a Window's PC/Yahoo email sort of guy.  That stuff is child's play.

We can make rapists pay without shooting them in the back of their skulls, and until we progress to a point where we can destroy rapists in a sensible way, guerrilla tactics will have to suffice.

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