Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In My World

I want a world where rapists, upon being found guilty, are taken into a quiet corner and shot in the back of the head where brain meets spine, because dead rapists have a 0% recidivism rate.

I want a world where parenting requires a series of revocable licenses.

I want a world where politicians who drone bomb little kids in comparatively less well-off countries for fun and profit are introduced to Madame Guillotine along with the bankers who finance them.

I want a world where politicians who get $600 haircuts and host $10,000 a plate dinners are forced to work twenty hour a day shifts at Walmart for minimum wage until the moment comes for them to be guillotined.

I want a world where trigger-happy law enforcers who who shoot people simply because they are black or brown are worked to death in labor camps.  

I want a world where it is not up to other prison inmates in General Population to punish child molesters, because:

A. For-profit prisons are abolished
B. Anyone who commits a serious crime earns an immediate death sentence

I want a world where getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant is implicitly understood as a reckless indulgence and a travesty, because we are multiplying at an exponential rate and will soon suffer the consequences in a more severe fashion than the one we have been accustomed to.

I want a world where the vivisectors who currently torture animals are vivisected on live television.  I’m thinking Pay Per View.

I want a world where bigots, homophobes, and transphobes fear for their lives, constantly running from those who would beat them within an inch of their lives, never knowing which meal the fatal dose of poison will arrive in, provided they’re able to score a meal from a source other than a garbage can.  I want a world where they have a legitimate reason to be afraid.

I want a world where any male who threatens rape (online or off) is punished by getting a finger cut off.  If he runs out of fingers, we take his dick.  

I want a world where unrepentant animal abusers are forced to work in sweatshops and coal mines until they die.

I want a world where any home or business that sits empty for more than one year is automatically public property, at which point it is either turned down or retrofitted for low-income housing.

I want a world where the richest 5%, starting with the tiny fraction of 1% at the tippy-top, have two choices:

A. Donate and redistribute all of your assets to provide clean water, housing, and schools to the poorest people on the planet until your income is based on what you can earn per year doing blue collar labor OR
B. Be worked to death, along with any heirs or people who were set to inherit your obscene wealth, in labor camps.  I’m thinking garbage sorting and nuclear waste management.

I want a world where there are rehab centers to help people to quit eating meat, dairy, and eggs and where necrovore trolls are subject to a good, old-fashioned pillory until they come to their senses.

I want a world where the streets run with the blood of the cruel, the wicked, and the greedy.

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